About the FyzioGym Revolution
Welcome to the FyzioGym Revolution!
Experience the FyzioGym Revolution first hand! Whether you are looking for elite PHYSICAL THERAPY that shatters the status quo or SPORTS PERFORMANCE TRAINING that is cutting edge in the nation, we have you covered! We've merged PT and Fitness to deliver the FyzioGym!
Lyneil and Janann opened Revolution in 2011 with their eye on the goal of creating a place where optimal care would be delivered and not limited by a corporate system imposing limitations. The vision has grown to include training, nutrition and of course elite level physical therapy that has served Northern Pittsburgh, professional athletes, Olympic athletes and our family and friends for the past 7 years.  

The word physio(Fyzio) means relating to nature or natural phenomenon. We are the best at helping people by enhancing your wellness through the natural processes of your body or Fyziology. We are the most concerned with the functional performance of your body and when suffering from impairments of your Movement System. We are the experts in enhancing the function of your Movement System and returning you back to pre-injury states of function following a surgery or injury.

The healthy way to enhance the movement system is to follow the science of natural function of the body. This requires a blending of the principles behind traditional physical therapy and human performance with the additional emphasis on wellness.

We would like you to frequently refer to our symbol for inspiration, energy and vision. The Delta and the Infinity symbolize the only constant is change and the need to strive for constant improvement. The First Law of Thermodynamics tells you energy is either transferred or transformed. It can neither be created nor destroyed. It is important to understand change is inevitable.

We are not directly in business or partnership with any hospital system or physicians. Revolution FyzioTherapy is nearly approximately 75% “Direct Access” for the past 4 years. Direct access means you can see a practitioner directly without going through a physician and in Pennsylvania all health insurances will cover this at 100% for 30 days. 

With our unparalleled knowledge of sports performance and human movement, we know the many potential injuries associated with an individual’s lifestyle or sport of choice. Whether you are an active octogenarian or an aspiring soccer star, we can work with you to ensure that you not only recover from your injury, but maintain your peak performance.

We pride ourselves on the vast knowledge of our staff, our unwavering commitment to full recovery and our ability to work with athletes to ensure the highest levels of performance possible. Our years of experience treating high school, professional and Olympic athletes has made us the best choice for physical therapy. 

Our team is here to help you recover from injuries, deal with aches and pains and otherwise feel your best. We can provide a program that is customized to your injury and lifestyle so that you can start feeling better right away!
Offering Same Day, Evening and Saturday Appointments.
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